A guide in Venice
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Full Private Tours

These tours are deisgned for indipendent travellers, small private parties and families. The guide will be available then just for you and your travel companions.

Our full private tours run all year long and most of them last a minimum of 3 hours.
Guide fee is 75,00 euros per hour up to a maximum of 8 people.

Enter first the tour section you prefer and then pick the single tour you like most.

These tours are intended for first time visitors who wish to get acquainted with Venice main sights and landmarks and get also an overall picture of its history and present life. Introduction Tours These tours are suitable for either first timers who will spend several days in Venice and wish to know more about the city exploring other districts and sites of Venice or second timers. All tours are on foot and last 3 hours. The Main Districts These three tours are intended for visitors wishing to visit three areas most tourist never get to see, one in the city of Venice and two outside the main urban area. Off the beaten track They are included also in the ‘Introduction Tours’ section. But if you have already been to Venice and you are not interested in visiting the ‘landmarks’ once again, we can customize the walking part according to our suggestions and your preferences Walk and boat combination These tours are intended to give visitors a chance of getting acquainted with the water environment of the city either by touring in a boat in and around Venice or explore the northern side of the lagoon and its three main islands. Boat tours These tours are intended for visitors with interest in the history of art and architecture of Venice from the golden age of Renaissance and the 18th century to the contemporary and modern eras. Art Tours These tours are intended for visitors wishing to see and appreciate true master artisans working in their workshops. The tour can be done upon artisan’s availability and by appointment only. There will be a charge in each workshop. Master Artisan Tour