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A Guide in Verona

A Guide in Verona Starting from July 30th 2010 a new web site is on-line, www.aguideinverona.com
Directed by Valeria Biasi and Lorella Mostacchi, two licensed guides in the city of Juliet, the new site is the perfect match to aguideinvenice.com in this beautiful region of Veneto.
The two ladies offer a large variety of tours either in the city of Verona and in the area around, one of the nicest in Italy including the Lake of Garda and the local vineyards. So when in Verona don't just stay one day only because there is much more to visit and enjoy than the Roman theatre and Romeo&Juliet..........
Aguinverona and aguideinvenice are partners.
Hope to see you soon in both cities!
More information: www.aguideinverona.com

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