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18th Century Venice

18th Century Venice

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18th Century Venice In its last century of independence, Venice had become a major European tourist centre. The Carnival, artificially protracted from October until February, gave an air of spurious gaiety to the dying “Most Serene Republic.” A century of decadence, as it has been officially recorded by scholarship, nonetheless Venice of the 1700's witnessed a last striking artistic flowering through the works of Tiepolo and Canaletto. Several other names can be recalled also if we take into account a wide array of minor arts like wood carving, gilding, furniture making, glass, china ware, and furnishings.

In today's itinerary you can grasp all this through a visit into the grandest palazzo of the time, Ca' Rezzonico, where the inside decoration is so skillfully arranged that you can savour the authentic atmosphere of a great 18th century family home. Continuing our tour, you will later find the reserved atmosphere of the Carmelite Scuola , one of the only four brotherhoods left in town whose premises host the greatest works by Tiepolo.

We will end by Ca' Zenobio, a privately owned palace where you will be able to have a glimpse on a smaller, more intimate kind of dwelling, with its delightful ballroom and garden.