A guide in Venice
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First time in Venice - Introduction tour

First time in Venice - Introduction tour

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First time in Venice - Introduction tour Discover Venice on your first visit to the magical city! As “first timers’ your wish to grasp the landmarks of the city can be met, and then some. The walk unfolds through the elegant Piazza San Marco, surrounded by the governmental buildings of the ancient Republic: this was in fact the political, religious and cultural centre of it all. Join us in the shining gold Byzantine Saint Mark church, one of the most incredible Christian buildings ever built.

We’ll later start a pleasant walk through Castello district: the large campo Santa Maria Formosa will give you the chance to observe a wide array of architectural styles all within a single glance.

The square of San Giovanni e Paolo next awaits us. There a striking contrast between Renaissance and Gothic can be observed best: the huge Dominican church towers over the shimmering marble façade of the former School of Saint Mark.
We will not miss the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli either: a sort of jewelled casket made of precious marbles.Before reaching Rialto we will pass by the Marco Polo house.
From the top of the famous Rialto bridge, you’ll encounter all the splendours of the Grand Canal, as we are now heading into the commercial district of Venice. This was the financial and commercial center of Venice for much of its history, one of the most advanced of Europe.

The market surrounds the district: in the morning this is the liveliest corner of Venice: full of locals buying their fresh food from its vegetable and fish stands. The Rialto is always the best place to sip a glass of wine and try some local delicious finger food.