A guide in Venice
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Castello Starting from Riva degli Schiavoni, the main quayside of Venice , we can see the beautiful natural port of the town.

Nearby, the campo San Zaccaria, awaits us overlooked by its early Renaissance church built by Mauro Coducci and commissioned by the wealthiest nunnery in town. The bell tower melting like a candle atop the church of Santa Maria Formosa stands out in one of the city's hubs: at any time people cross this campo to get to Rialto, San Marco or San Giovanni e Paolo the quarter where we're heading next. Commander Colleoni welcomes us into the next square astride his bronze horse.

He faces the largest building in town, the Dominican church of San Zanipolo , an all time pantheon for Venice 's glories. Later on we get to know of the Greek and Dalmatian communities and their hidden treasures. As the tour comes to an end we go by the leonine guarded gate of the city's great Arsenal, Europe 's first and largest shipyard.