A guide in Venice
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Venice Master Artisans Tour

Venice Master Artisans Tour

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Venice was not only a port of call and a city of trade. Sustained since its early days by a large company of artisans and craftsmen, the lagoon city became a major production centre of refined handcrafts throughout Europe . Not to mention a market of luxury goods that until 1800 was patronised by the longest living and most established nobility on the continent.

Along an itinerary through selected artisans' workshops we will take you behind the scenes to discover the way some of the best-known and old handicrafts of Venice are created. You might choose a combination of artisans and learn the secrets of making marble paper, masks, book binding, glass, textiles and brocades, gondolas, mosaic.

This tour has to be organized ahead of time and can be done according to each artisan's availability. In most workshops there is an entry charge.