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Who we are

Sabrina Scaglianti Hélène Salvadori
was born and raised in Venice. She has a University degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures, speaks English and Japanese and is interested in the Anthropology of Tourism and Travelling. She has lived abroad several years in the United States and Japan and has been in the tourism business since the early 90¹s. She mainly works as a guide in Venice, loves to travel and volunteers for A.F.S. and the European Federation for Intercultural Learning organizing and running international seminars. Her main hobbies are choral singing and swimming. was born in France although spent all of her life in Venice where her Venetian family moved when she was two years old. After her University Degree in History, she worked as a tour manager and interpreter in Venice for 10 years before getting her license as an official guide in the city. Hélène's passions are travelling, contemporary dance and above all, yoga; she regularly spends the winter months in India practicing it. She speaks French and English.