The splendour of Murano glass

A tour of some of the most interesting private glass furnaces on Murano. We will visit a variety of glass studios to delight in the amazing artistic and creative talents of the world’s most famous and skilled glass masters.

Murano glass tour is an opportunity to discover truly authentic art studios and furnaces with us, see incredibly talented masters and designers produce masterpieces inspired by antique models that strike us for their fragility, their modern feeling, essential shapes, elegant colours, and fine lines.

This tour can be structured in a variety of different ways, according to your preferences and requirements. Murano holds a long tradition of glass making, but is now facing a new wave of contemporaneity, with modern artists and designers reappropriating the ancient material for the new decade. 

In our tour we can cover both ends of this vast spectrum of experience on the island, from the famous Murano Glass Museum with its extensive historical collections to private visits to modern art studios and furnaces to fully appreciate the transformative process of working with glass.

The splendour of Murano glass

The history of glassmaking in Venice spans over 1000 years, but it was not until 1292 that the Republic of Venice decided to ban all glass furnaces from the city and move them to Murano in order to protect the timber homes of the medieval city from the danger of fires.

Since that time Murano has become an undeniable home for glassmaking. Since the 14th century it has been known as a world-famous island where devoted artisans and anonymous masters developed new techniques, new types of glass, and innovative, extravagant, delicate designs. During the 15th and 16th centuries, glass production reached its golden age: owning a Murano glass object became a status symbol among the elites of European society of the time. 

Today, more than 700 hundred years later, the Murano glassmaking tradition continues, passed on from master to apprentice. And yet a visit to the island can be a bit disappointing: visitors often feel lured into tourist traps, where they end up being uncertain of the quality of products they see and buy without having a chance to admire the true masters at work.

You will be surprised to experience a different atmosphere, almost as if we have stumbled into a medieval workshop, where fire, silence, and passion still inspire the movement of the artisans and artists at work. Afterwards we’ll visit a smaller production site where the famous goti da fornase, the traditional and colourful furnace goblets, are blown. 

Later we will pass by the art studio of a contemporary glass designer who shapes amazing sculptures, vases and wonderful chandeliers with incredibly innovative techniques. The Murano glass tour is not complete without a glimpse of the atelier where stylish and very creative glass beads, necklaces, rings and cufflinks are designed and crafted right before your eyes.

To watch these artisans at work is to gain a deeper understanding of their ancient craft and the vitality of the contemporary spirit they bring to this extraordinary island.

Highlights: The Murano Glass Museum, artisan studios, private glass furnaces.

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