Why us?

A Guide in Venice means a friend in Venice. Having a Guide in Venice enables you to create a bespoke tour with a private, local guide. A Guide in Venice means opening yourself up to learn the secrets of this ancient city from locals who live and breathe the laguna. What does local mean to us? It means we’re in the know.

As residents who live and work in the city we carry with us its complex history and rich traditions, as well as remaining up to date on the latest events, shows and openings in the city we call home. With us you can build up your own experience of the city and like a local, live the life of a Venetian.

To be a guide means sharing our world with you, something we’re always excited to do. We love helping you to experience Venice like a true Venetian and his / her every day life.  Years of practice means we understand every guided tour is unique and relish the opportunity to tailor our tours to match individual interests and curiosities. Whether you want local stories or myths, in-depth history or contemporary gossip we’re able to translate all of these desires into easy to follow tours. We’re experienced, adaptable and we enjoy a challenge.

Tell us what you’d like to gain from your guided tour and we’ll deliver. We know the city by heart and delight in revealing secret gems to our guests as well as the city’s must sees. Remember quality beats quantity. Even if you’re limited on time, we’re happy to create a personalised itinerary – you’ll be surprised how much you can fit into just one hour. A quick tour doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality!

As locals, we make it our mission to promote and support sustainable tourism whenever and however we can. Environmental awareness is important to us, and we enjoy the chance to talk openly with our guests about local projects striving to save Venice during a time of climate crisis and mass tourism, and the challenges that lie ahead. 

As part of the Venetian community we’re also incredibly well connected. We know where to get the best spritz, our local aperitive, or the most delicious cicchetti, our traditional finger food, and enjoy opening all the secret doors of this wonderful and intriguing city.

We’re also part of a larger network of guides throughout Italy. Our guides would love to welcome you to Italy, wherever you wish to travel. We will help you to experience the country but more importantly, the people.

To really get to know a country you have to get to know its people, and our guides would love to welcome you to Italy, wherever you wish to travel.

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