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The art lovers tour

Art has always been a special ingredient to Venice’s success. A constant source of inspiration for artists throughout history, the city has been home to hundreds of artists and their works over the years. Discover all with our art lovers tour. This guided tour focuses specifically on the Venetian painting school, encompassing both architectural beauties and immersive historical stories. The Venice Painting School has always been celebrated in Europe as one of the leading institutions of its kind and since the Middle Ages it has been recognised as one of the world’s painting innovators. This tour lasts between two and three hours. You can choose to follow the file rouge of Venice’s history of painting, admiring its masterpiece at the Accademia Galleries and ending at the church of the Gesuati to admire Giambattista Tiepolo’s canvas and frescoes. Or head to two temples of Venetian Renaissance painting, such as the church of Frari with Tiziano’s and Giovanni Bellini’s masterpieces, and the Saint Rocco brotherhood, often called the Sistine chapel of Venice, which houses an impressive cycle of paintings by Jacopo Tintoretto

Palladio: a 16th century architect in Venice

Andrea Palladio is perhaps the most influential architect in the history of the western world. Influenced by Greek and Roman styles, he built temple-like villas for the Venetian noblemen who started to invest in land properties and farming from the mid-16th century.  Today, you can still visit these magnificent country houses on the mainland surrounding Venice. However, in the city you’ll have a unique opportunity to become closely acquainted with a very special element of Palladio’s architectural practice: his religious masterpieces.  In these architecturally focused tours, we offer the chance to explore Palladio’s world in full and at the same time enjoy some true Renaissance paintings and masterpieces.

Contemporary art in Venice

A 3 hour tour to relish the must see, international contemporary art in town. Your choice of permanent collections or temporary exhibits. From The Peggy Guggenheim collection to the most vanguard Biennale, passing by Prada or Pinault art shows.

Venice is, and it has always been, a thriving centre for contemporary art in Italy and the world at large. A bustling cosmopolitan trading city, it is unsurprising that contemporary art continues to remain a key character in the city’s landscape. This tour lasts two to three hours and focuses on one of several special settings for contemporary art in the city: Peggy Guggenheim’s residence Palazzo Venier, Punta della Dogana, Palazzo Grassi or the main venues of the Venice Biennale: Giardini and Arsenale. Join us  and discover a new focus on the arts with us!

Modern and contemporary architecture in Venice

Venice is the heir of many ancient architectural traditions. Apart from its Roman and Byzantine Empires, heritage, the city has has also always been a great innovator.  This amazing city is a hub of contemporary architecture designed by a plethora of renowned international architects. You can choose to discover these unique features with Carlo Scarpa’s splendid interventions or the new housing complexes and functional public architecture that make up Venice’s outstanding design landscape.

The splendour of Murano glass

A tour of some of the most interesting private glass furnaces on Murano. We will visit a variety of glass studios to delight in the amazing artistic and creative talents of the world’s most famous and skilled glass masters.

Murano glass tour is an opportunity to discover truly authentic art studios and furnaces with us, see incredibly talented masters and designers produce masterpieces inspired by antique models that strike us for their fragility, their modern feeling, essential shapes, elegant colours, and fine lines. This tour can be structured in a variety of different ways, according to your preferences and requirements. Murano holds a long tradition of glass making, but is now facing a new wave of contemporaneity, with modern artists and designers reappropriating the ancient material for the new decade. 

Which Venice will you discover?


These tours are intended for first time visitors who wish to become acquainted with Venice’s main sights and landmarks, gaining an overall picture of its history and modern-day life.

Discover Venice In depth

Art, in all forms has been a unique ingredient of Venice’s success. Discover the magnificence of the grand Venetian architects and painters. For the ones that live in the now the contemporary art, contemporary architecture and the truly authentic glass studios where masters are at work.

Unusual tours of Venice

These tours are intended for visitors who wish to experience areas and sites rarely seen by tourists, in both urban locations and beyond. Take this opportunity to discover truly authentic art studios, furnaces and lagoon islands with us.