Unusual Tours

Personal shopper in Venice. Between tradition and design

A bespoke shopping tour designed just for you: from antique furniture pieces to traditional artisanal hand crafts, or your selection of Italian fashion design objects and clothes.

 If you want a local’s eye to help you get the most out of shopping in this unique Italian city, this is the tour for you. Tell us what you’re after and we’ll help you find it, whether it’s gifts for ones you love, a special souvenir, something to sate your appetite,  or a one of a kind antique – we’ve got the knowledge to help you make the most of your money while supporting real Venetian businesses at the same time. A personal shopper in Venice in a tour, which will be tailored to your individual taste, lasts for three hours.

Venice’s islands tour: the beauty and secrets of the Venetian lagoon

Venice is a city that was built on water. The laguna is a place of outstanding natural beauty, often underexplored by visitors. In these private water tours, we want to open up the treasures to be found beyond Venice’s main island and show you the unique features of the other islands of the lagoon.  This Venice islands tour will be tailored to your desires. You can choose to visit artisans at work, historical fortresses or just soak up the natural beauty. Or, you can just leave it to us, and we will show you our favorite, local spots! We will ensure that you have plenty of time to absorb your surroundings. You can choose the mode of transport – either public or private boats, depending on your taste of mixing with the locals and the tourists or the prestige of ‘just you’. Some of these lagoon islands are close to Venice, like the Lazzareto Vecchio and the Armenian Monastery, while others are more distant and require at least three to six hours in order to be fully explored. Get in touch for more suggestions. Tours of this nature last  between two and six hours. Let us help you immerse yourself in how Venice was formed and better understand the incredible landscape and its relationship with the vast, surrounding laguna.

Venice master artisans tours: the true Venice experience

A 2 to 4 hour, custom made tour selecting your favorite Venetian maestros. It is a unique experience since the knowledge of current master craftsmen's skills have been handed down from generation to generation. The intricate knowledge of their craft may be 1000s of years old – some even dating back to the Romans and other ancient cultures.

Want to learn the secrets of Venetian Artisans or witness a true maestro at work? With a unique custom made Venice artisans tours, our guide will give you the opportunity to come face to face with your own personal selection of master artisans in their workshops, located all over the city. Its duration will depend on your choices and can last from three to five hours.

Venice food tour: gourmet local food tasting combined with architectural gems

A 2 to 3 hour local Venetian food tasting tour to relish our traditional wine and cicchetto – finger food – or, for the sweet tooth, a selection of the best artisanal pastries and chocolates to savor. If time is on your side you have the chance to learn how to create Italian and Venetian unique dishes in a 16 th century Venetian palazzo or in a beautiful villa on the Lido Island.

This Venice food tour lasts 3 hours during which your guide will weave a hand-tailored path through the city using a tasting itinerary of either food and wine, or coffee and pastries (or both!); this all combined with a sprinkle of history of the places you’ll visit and the architectural gems you’ll encounter, such as the millenary Rialto food market and the Grand Canal, which you’ll cross by gondola. The costs of the tasting will be paid in person as you get to know the local, friendly faces behind the food.

The venetian private heritage: a unique experience tour!

A 2 to 3 hour guided tour. Select the palaces that match your interests to create your own unique tour through these exclusive interiors. It is also possible to visit a private residence for a tea or an aperitive.

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a real Venetian Palazzo? Let us open the secluded doors of the city and invite you inside. The Venetian private heritage tour lasts three hours and is ideal for people who wanting to deepen their knowledge of Venice, or for first timers who are passionate about interior design, art & crafts, and the history of Venetian domestic life. Select the palaces that match your interests and tastes to create your own unique tour through these exclusive interiors.

Which Venice will you discover?


These tours are intended for first time visitors who wish to become acquainted with Venice’s main sights and landmarks, gaining an overall picture of its history and modern-day life.

Discover Venice In depth

Art, in all forms has been a unique ingredient of Venice’s success. Discover the magnificence of the grand Venetian architects and painters. For the ones that live in the now the contemporary art, contemporary architecture and the truly authentic glass studios where masters are at work.

Unusual tours of Venice

These tours are intended for visitors who wish to experience areas and sites rarely seen by tourists, in both urban locations and beyond. Take this opportunity to discover truly authentic art studios, furnaces and lagoon islands with us.