Venice for first timers. Saint Mark square and highlights

A 3 hour guided tour, the introduction to the origins of Venice City State and its administrative and political center: St.Mark’s Square and its main buildings, St. Mark’s Church (interior) skipping the line. Our last hour together will unfold with an adventure through the maze of alleyways and squares, off the beaten path, ending at Rialto bridge.

Unsure how to step into the floating city? First time in Venice, a 3 hour guided tour, provides the perfect introduction to the origins and history of Venice, while also giving you the chance to see some of the off the beaten path campi (squares) and calli (streets). 

In this tour you’ll see: San Marco square and its monuments, the interior of San Marco church (without having to queue), Campo Santa Maria Formosa, San Giovanni & Paolo, Santa Maria dei Miracoli, the Marco Polo neighborhood and the Rialto bridge. 

First time in Venice. Introduction to the origins and history of the city

Discover Venice on your first visit to the magical city! As “first timers” we’ll help you get to grips with the main landmarks of the city. 

The walk unfolds through the elegant Piazza San Marco, surrounded by the governmental buildings of the ancient Republic: this was in fact the political, religious, and cultural centre of it all. Join us in the shining gold Byzantine church of San Marco, one of the most incredible Christian buildings ever constructed.

We’ll continue  with a pleasant walk through the Castello district: the large campo Santa Maria Formosa will give you the chance to observe a wide array of architectural styles all within a single view.

Next the square of San Giovanni e Paolo. Here, a striking contrast between Renaissance and Gothic awaits us with the huge Dominican church which towers over the shimmering marble façade of the former Brotherhood of Saint Mark. We’ll also make sure to stop and admire the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli: a sort of jewelled casket made of precious marbles. Then, before reaching Rialto, we’ll pass by the small square of none other than Marco Polo.

From the top of the famous Rialto bridge, you’ll encounter all the splendours of the Grand Canal as we head into the commercial district of Venice. This was the financial and commercial center of Venice for much of its history, one of the most advanced of Europe.

The market surrounds the distric., In the morning this is the liveliest corner of Venice, full of locals buying their fresh food from its vegetable and fish stands. The Rialto is always the best place to sip a glass of wine and try some local delicious finger food.

Highlights: St. Mark square, exterior of Doge’s Palace, Bridge of Sighs, Prisons and Basilica of St. Mark, walk off the beaten tracks, Rialto bridge.

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