Land and water. A private boat tour of Venice

A 3 hour guided tour, including the highlights: San Marco Square and its buildings: the Doge’s Palace (exterior only) San Marco Church (interior) skipping the line, followed by a 1 hour private boat water tour of the magnificent Grand Canal and minor canals.

A city of masks, it’s no surprise that Venice is itself a city of many faces. Our Venice boat and walking tour explores two distinct worlds existing side by side in this ancient space: a network of passages and alleyways for those on foot, and a network of canals for those traversing the old city by boat.

In this tour we’ll combine these two modes of transportation to allow you to experience the city from all sides. This tour gives you the chance to experience the watery nature of Venice and at the same time savour a walk through the main historical sites, with some secret corners as well. It  includes one hour by private water taxi and two hours walking: a total of three hours.

Venice is a unique city, an entangled urban texture crossed by canals and located at the center of a huge expanse of shallow water. It has a double transit network: you can walk or take a boat, therefore perceive the city, its amazing architecture and daily life in two different ways.

Experience our city to the fullest with a combination of land and water.

If this is your first time in Venice, we will start with a walk through the world famous locations of San Marco square, Rialto bridge and the market area. If not, there is much more to see and explore through lesser known but equally beautiful and charming areas.

We can than continue by boarding a boat for an overview of Venice by water. This will include major canals and water areas. Your guide will describe the magnificent palaces unfolding in front of your eyes and tell you all about present day life in Venice.

Your attention will be continuously drawn to the many activities taking place on the water, just a few meters from you as the boat glides down the canals.

If you have previously  been to Venice, our boat walking tour could skip the San Marco and Rialto areas and include other districts instead.

Highlights: St. Mark square, exterior of Doge’s Palace, Bridge of Sighs, Prisons and Basilica of St. Mark, one hour water tour Grand Canal and minor canals

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