A Tour of 3 hours

A 3 hour off the beaten paths to choose between the Giudecca island or the Cannaregio district and discover the 20th and 21st century complexes built by Italian and international architects.

f you are interested in the modern and contemporary architecture of Venice, you could include two additional areas in this tour: San Giobbe (just behind Ferrovia, the railway station) and / or the Giudecca Island (a short boat ride away).

San Giobbe: in this quiet quarter the government provided housing designed by Vittorio Gregotti (1984-86) who succeeded in marrying a modern aesthetic with the traditional Venetian urban environment. Nearby you can also visit an interesting example of modern architecture from the 19th century shambles, a brilliant example of industrial archaeology which was transformed into a university department by Vittorio Spigai (2000). This site was initially proposed for Corbusier’s grand project, the New Hospital of Venice.

Giudecca: To the west end of the island, there are some examples of interesting, contemporary architecture. The government provided houses designed by Gino Valle (1980-86) and opposite, on Sacca Fisola Island, another complex of houses by Mainardis, Cappai, and Pastor (1982-89).  More houses to be found are those of Cino Zucchi (1997-2000) and finally an interesting adaptation of an already existing site of industrial architecture. Surprisingly, a brewery which was transformed into beautiful housing by Gambirasio (1980). At the ground floor of these old brewery buildings, two contemporary art galleries are now to be found : Michela Rizzo Gallery and Spazio Punch.

A magnificent way to end this architectural promenade is by visiting the Vatican chapels created in 2018 for the 16th  International Architecture Biennale. These are nestled in a stunning woodland, on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore and surrounded by tranquil waters. You can enjoy the 10 chapels designed by some of the most renowned international architects based on one model – the “woodland chapel” built in 1920 by the architect Gunnar Asplund in the Cemetery of Stockholm. This theme influenced the ten architects invited to design and build a chapel with simple materials and fully integrated in the natural setting.

Highlights: San Giobbe XX century housing complexes and 19th century shambles. Giudecca XX and XXI century housing complexes and the Vatican Chapels on St.George island.

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