Murano, Burano, Sant’Erasmo, Torcello and its remote secrets islands

A 3 to 6 hour private boat tour – fully tailored even in the choice of the type of boat - to explore the most traditional but also the less known islands of the northern lagoon.

The Venetian laguna is made up of some 360 sq. miles and is full of low, green islands of varying sizes, linked by channels through challenging, yet transversable shallows. Come and enjoy a private, local boat tour of the most famous islands of the Venice laguna!

In Venice’s earliest days, the city was just a collection of several scattered groups of islands dwelling people whose livelihoods relied on fishing, salt collecting and boat ferrying.

The islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, located in the Northern lagoon are still lively examples of the lagoon’s unique culture.

The internationally famous Murano has been the center of glass making for around 700 years, a unique place where this artistry can still be seen and appreciated. You have ready access to one or more private furnaces where you can witness master glassmakers working on incredible pieces.

On the isle of Burano, which was once a full time fishermen village, you will marvel at the brightly painted houses where women still weave very refined and intricate hand made lace: the finest of all Italy!

Torcello was the cradle of Venice, a remote place in space and time where you can find the elegant 11th century Byzantine cathedral with oldest Byzantine style mosaics of the lagoon. From this island you can board a traditional fisherman boat and spend a couple of hours in the pristine and dreamy wetlands and the remote secret, small islands.  

On the way back to Venice you could stop at the most popular, lush country side island – Sant’Erasmo. Here, you will enjoy the delicious Malvasia white wine : Orto di Venezia – the only labelled wine of the laguna of Venice – taste the famous violet baby artichokes, castraure ( if you get there in the right season! ).

  • Private boat tour of 3 hours with an overview of Murano and Burano.
  • Private boat tour of 4 hours with an overview of Murano, Burano and Torcello.
  • Private boat tour of 5 hours with time at your leisure in Murano, Burano and Torcello as well as the secret lagoon islands behind, or visit Mazzorbo island for wine tasting.

Highlights: Murano, Burano, Torcello, Mazzorbo, Sant’Erasmo or secret small islands.

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