Palladio’s villas in the surrounding countryside

A day excursion on the Venetian lyrical country side visiting some of the architectural masterpieces of Palladio : his world wide famous villas.

This is a unique chance to enjoy the Venetian countryside and Palladio’s most famous buildings: the magnificent countryside villas and farms that look like a Greek temple. The sacrality of nature combined with the genius of mankind! This is the only region in the world where you can enjoy these imposing, elegant and so innovative villas.

First, we’ll stop at one of the most famous Palladian villas, Villa Foscari in the town of Malcontenta, which was completed in 1560. Known for its striking neo-classical façade, you’ll get to see it firsthand and enjoy its stunning reflection in the gentle waters of the River Brenta.

Next, we will travel on to the village of Fanzolo, near Treviso, where the simple yet elegant Villa Emo (1550) is situated. A typical villa with a farmhouse design, it features a classical central block,  paired with more sober side wings. Not far from Villa Emo is our next stop: Villa Cornaro (1550) in Piombino Dese. Now owned by an American family, this villa-palace has impressive double classical façades, one overlooking the street and the other at the back, looking out onto an impressive private garden. If the family is not there one can enter the villa.

For lunch we will pause in the town of Asolo, a small medieval jewel village, the 15th century capital of the small kingdom of the Queen of Cyprus. This location is surrounded by magnificent, rolling hills which will give you a real taste of the Italian countryside.

Finally, we will explore the Villa Barbaro in Maser (1555), famous not only for its refined architectural design, but also for the precious internal frescoes by Paolo Veronese, a genuine masterpiece. Near the main building we will find the family chapel, the Tempietto, which is a reduced scale copy of the Pantheon in Rome. Don’t miss the chance to join us on this extensive dive into Palladio’s varied and worldwide, unique country side villas and farms.

Highlights: Villa Foscari, Villa Emo, Villa Cornaro, Villa Barbaro.

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