Churches of Palladio, the Gateway to Venice

A 2 to 3 hour tour hopping by boat between two fascinating islands, visiting three of the only four and a half churches this genius of 16 th century Italian architecture built throughout his life.

In this itinerary we will visit three majestic churches that offer a unique introduction to the world of Venice. 

In San Giorgio Maggiore, which remains the oldest Benedictine monastery in Venice, you will have the opportunity to view several precious and renowned works of art and enjoy the most stunning panoramic view of the city and surrounding islands from its bell tower. The interior of the church will allow you to appreciate the grandiose vision of Andrea Palladio : the most innovative and modern 16th century architect.

On the neighboring Giudecca island we will also visit the Zitelle Church, once the chapel of a hospice for poor girls funded by high class Venetian women. Finally, we will head to what is considered to be Palladio’s religious architectural masterpiece, the Redentore with its perfect classical and sliding facade. These facades are echoed in all three churches and form a beautifully balanced trinity within the watery space of the lagoon in front of San Marco. Together they create an unforgettable entrance to Venice.

Highlights: San Giorgio Maggiore, Santa Maria della Presentazione “delle Zitelle", Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore.

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