Stories from Venice

Venice Quarantine Islands: Lazzaretto Nuovo

The plague was for centuries by far the worst possible disaster, the speed of diffusion and virulence will kill thousands in a very short time and in vast areas erasing thus whole communities. It was considered as God’s wrath against sinful mankind and you could just pray the Lord and Mary and seek for one of the medical saints help so to be saved. Two huge churches were built in the city as thanksgivings for the end of the disease in 1576 and 1631, the Redentore and La Salute.

Report on tourism in Venice, December 2008

On December 16th the City Council Tourist Dept, released its yearly report.In 2007 the City of Venice had 8,842,874 visitors lodged in all kind of facilities (hotels, pensions, b&B, campings) with a 7.2% increase on 2006. 7,415,986 were foreigners and 1,426,888 were Italians.

Venetian Carnival

Venetian Carnival 1162-1797 OriginFat Thursday, also known as Berlingaccio, was the official carnival feast day of the Most Serene Republic. On that day the duke, with top government officials and foreign ambassadors, attended the scheduled shows from the loggia of the Ducal Palace overlooking the piazzetta.

Mariano Fortuny and his home.

M. Fortuny y Madrazo (Granada 1871 – Venice 1949)He was the second child of the late 19th century Spanish painter Mariano very well known throughout Europe. Mariano jr may be considered as one of the most talented and eclectic artists of his time.

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These tours are intended for first time visitors who wish to become acquainted with Venice’s main sights and landmarks, gaining an overall picture of its history and modern-day life.

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Art, in all forms has been a unique ingredient of Venice’s success. Discover the magnificence of the grand Venetian architects and painters. For the ones that live in the now the contemporary art, contemporary architecture and the truly authentic glass studios where masters are at work.

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These tours are intended for visitors who wish to experience areas and sites rarely seen by tourists, in both urban locations and beyond. Take this opportunity to discover truly authentic art studios, furnaces and lagoon islands with us.