Personal shopper in Venice. Between tradition and design

A bespoke shopping tour designed just for you: from antique furniture pieces to traditional artisanal hand crafts, or your selection of Italian fashion design objects and clothes.

 If you want a local’s eye to help you get the most out of shopping in this unique Italian city, this is the tour for you. Tell us what you’re after and we’ll help you find it, whether it’s gifts for ones you love, a special souvenir, something to sate your appetite,  or a one of a kind antique – we’ve got the knowledge to help you make the most of your money while supporting real Venetian businesses at the same time. A personal shopper in Venice in a tour, which will be tailored to your individual taste, lasts for three hours.

Personal shopper in Venice -  special souvenir, something to sate your appetite,  or a one of a kind antique

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by how you dress and the way you live.” Gianni Versace.

Coming from different cities and countries of the world, visitors are often favourably impressed by the elegance and taste of the Italians: but where do we shop? Personal shopper in Venice is there for you!

Do Italians really spend thousands of euros on designer clothes and leather shoes?

Find out for yourself and join us on this shopping tour: discover the best Venetian and Italian boutiques in the very heart of Venice.

We’ll take you on a stroll through the maze of narrow Venetian alleyways to show you Made in Italy and Made in Venice! Enjoy a guided tour that will teach you how to shop in Venice like a local. Foodies will be thrilled to be introduced to truly authentic traditional food shops, including Venice’s largest wine shop with more than 900 labels; while those interested in non-gustatory delights will set out on a hunt for design objects displayed in private studios, antique books, or iconic dresses: tell us what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it!

Personal shopper in Venice - discover the best Venetian and Italian boutiques

This tour will be tailored: your guide will design an itinerary around your individual tastes, preferences and personality. From a tiny goldsmith’s workshop casting traditional Venetian jewels like the mori to designers who take a more contemporary approaches to jewellery – we’ll make sure you find artisans who are a perfect fit for you. Check out cashmere sweaters and silk scarves by Fortuny, or discover a small hidden boutique selling lamps and mirrors.

From stylish dresses to hat shops  – your expert shopping consultant will reveal to you all the Venetians’ favourite places to shop and window-shop. Perhaps you would like to shake your senses with traditional Venetian perfumes (maybe even learning to make a unique one for yourself!), or try some chocolates to take home to your friends or to eat as you wear your velvet handmade Venetian Gondolier shoes! 

This custom tour is designed with a lot of fun in mind! Save time and find what you’re looking for: soak up superlative-quality design and the city’s heady creative mélange of modernity and tradition. Just bring your shopping list and leave some room in your bags for your finds: we’ll take care of the rest!

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