The venetian private heritage: a unique experience tour!

A 2 to 3 hour guided tour. Select the palaces that match your interests to create your own unique tour through these exclusive interiors. It is also possible to visit a private residence for a tea or an aperitive.

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a real Venetian Palazzo? Let us open the secluded doors of the city and invite you inside. The Venetian private heritage tour lasts three hours and is ideal for people who wanting to deepen their knowledge of Venice, or for first timers who are passionate about interior design, art & crafts, and the history of Venetian domestic life. Select the palaces that match your interests and tastes to create your own unique tour through these exclusive interiors.

Venetian private heritage. Palazzo Grimani

The Venetian private heritage tour will take you through some of the most magnificent private residences of Europe, such as the Palazzo Grimani with its suspended gardens and mythological scenes frescoes, and rare ancient statues. Known as one of the most beautiful Renaissance palaces of Venice, this extraordinary palazzo was once home to Giovanni Grimani and his family. Giovanni restored it as a family palace, inspired by the style of the ancient Roman domus – town house.

Venetian private heritage: ca Rezzonico

Another majestic private residence Ca’ Rezzonico sits along the Grand Canal, with ceiling frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo and his follower Crosato. It’s now known as the most important museum of 18th century artcraft museum in Europe, where you can enjoy paintings, sculptures, incredible porcelain vases, and a unique collection of furniture sculpted by Andrea Brustolon.

A museum dedicated to textiles and perfumes is housed in the former residence of the Mocenigo family , one of the most important ones in Venetian nobility ( seven of them became doges between 1414 and 1778).

Venetian private heritage: Palazzo Querini Stampalia

Inside the palace you can enjoy the Rococò or Neoclassical style frescoes, historical furniture and paintings. A large collection of ancient fabrics and clothes as well as a well-stocked library specialising in the history of fabrics and fashion. There’s even a new section focusing on perfume and cosmetics. So you can voyage through history using all your senses! If the mix of contemporary and ancient arts is to your liking, then there’s the Palazzo Querini Stampalia, once an 18th century aristocratic residence which is now a vital contemporary hub for residents of Venice as an arts and cultural centre. It houses a spectacular library, as well as functioning as an exhibition space designed by the wordly famous architect Carlo Scarpa.

The venetian private heritage: Ca d'oro

Another essential stop for art lovers is the Ca ‘d’Oro, literally the gold house, which lives up to its ornate name with a stunning facade decorated with luxurious polychrome marbles. We will guide you inside through its rich collection of paintings, antique furniture, tapestries, bronzes, and important sculptures from the Venetian, Tuscan, and Flemish Renaissance. Forge your own unique path through the private interiors of Venice in this one of a kind tour.

Highlights: one or two palaces of your choice between Palazzo Grimani, Palazzo Mocenigo, Palazzo Querini Stampalia, Ca’ d’Oro and Ca’ Rezzonico.

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