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Cannaregio and the Ghetto

Cannaregio and the Ghetto

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Cannaregio and the Ghetto Starting our tour by the Rialto bridge, we first have a look at the supposed family home of Marco Polo; this will be the right spot to recall the incredible 27 years journey of Marco through Asia.

We proceed then to Cannaregio, the north-east district of the city: secluded by geography from the bustling Rialto-San Marco hub, this area still keeps an authentic Venetian ambiance.

We’ll ‘get lost’ through a mostly off-the-beaten track area and flavor an authentic Venetian ambiance. We’ll pass by the Jesuit church boasting the grandest façade ever built in Venice and the richest indoor decoration ever where one of Titian’s greatest works, ‘The martyrdom of san Laurence’, is now on display after a thorough restoration.
In our walk we’ll also enjoy a great view over the lagoon as we’ll walk briefly along the most northern promenade of Venice.

And now deep into Cannaregio we get to the parish of Madonna dell'Orto, the right place to praise Tintoretto who left two great masterpieces inside the same church where is buried.
Just close by we'll bring back to life an oriental flavoured history as we view some curious embedded stone figures of a camel and its turbanned merchant master.

Further ahead the churchless campo of the Ghetto welcomes us into the first established premises where Jews of diverse provenances were obliged to reside from 1516 until 1797. Within a most restrained space, a cosmopolitan group of Jews contributed to both the commercial wealth of Venice and the diffusion of their own culture.